About The Company

Bird EYE View Photography is the leader in aerial photography & videography. We use the latest technology to capture what is called “The Money Shot”. We are able to capture high quality 4k Video & HD Photos from a Bird EYE view!

Contact us today and we can help with Birthday Parties, Commercial Aerial Shots, Website Videos and Photos, Weddings or Events, Sporting events, Aerial Survey, Real Estate, Boat/Yacht Sales, Roofing Inspections, Utility Tower Inspections, News Coverage, Business Inventory + More …

We provide the artistic vision and execution by applying depth, texture, color, balance, light and feeling to enhance and create appealing images for commercial and personal interest.

We shoot using primarily the Phantom 3 Professional drone for all our aerial pictures and videos. We also have several DSLR Professional Cameras and we use GoPRO to capture the very best digital photos from the ground. We perform considerable post processing to manipulate the images and in general attempt the ideal.

Thank you for your interest in my creative work. Pricing is provided on our pricing page. Please call or email. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.